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Business Opportunities

Start a business, it’s the sexy thing to do.  Everyone is doing it.  It’s so much easier than finding a new job, right?  All you need is the right opportunity; so some would say.

Recently, I became extremely frustrated searching the internet for business opportunities, self employment business ideas, income opportunities, etc.  Most of what I found was a bunch of junk!  Although, I did uncover several resources that were loaded with ideas to help get your entrepreneurial juices flowing, however they were mostly buried in piles of steaming “business opportunities”.

The funny thing is that opportunity often eludes us, even if it’s staring us in the face.  I love watching “Shark Tank” and seeing an idea that makes me say, “Hey!  I could do that!”, “Why is that guy getting a chance when I’m suffering here on my couch?”.

While some people might call the right opportunity luck or chance, others might call it divine.  Personally, I believe that God favors the prepared… therefore, I’m writing this with the intention of creating a living document to help all of you to get prepared and find YOUR opportunity.

I have three criteria for adding an idea to this list:

1.) It’s a real business that exists right now.

2.) Someone is making a living at it (or at least significant income).

3.) There is a way to start it without going into debt. 

As often as I can, I will add to this list.  If you see something that isn’t here, please shoot me an email ( and I’ll get it added right away!

Now, before I get started, I think it’s important not to get too tied down to an idea without first searching out your passions.  While money can sometimes be easy to make, the attempt to do so without considering your God given talents can also be soul crushing!  Here’s an article I wrote on getting started; check it out before it’s too late!

The List:

  • Start a lawn mowing / landscaping service.
  • Start a catering company.
  • Get a hotdog cart.
  • Learn to cut hair and go to people’s homes as a service.
  • Create works of art that people are willing to pay for.
  • Start an ice cream cart.
  • Shovel snow.
  • Start an Etsy page and sell a valuable craft.
  • Learn programming and become a contractor.
  • Become a handy-man.
  • Get trained & certified to be a success coach, fitness coach, business coach, etc.
  • Start a tree trimming service.
  • Learn to seal driveway’s and start knocking on doors.
  • Write an eBook and put it on
  • Start a podcast on a popular nice topic that isn’t being well covered / find a sponsor and go.
  • Become a motivational speaker.
  • Become a personal shopper and learn to market yourself to the right people.
  • Uncover a need for a software solution, partner with a programmer & customer and go.
  • Learn about SEO, social media, & Google Places and become a local internet marketing consultant.
  • Become LEED certified and become a “green” consultant.
  • Provide off-hours childcare.

Help people.


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